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Great painting! Many wanted to see Obama in that picture. Maybe you could have shown him sitting at the feet of Karl Marx.


The Painting is brilliant, amazing! The artists are to be commended.
It would be a great tool for starting discussions on history, politics and the arts.
Adding the links was also a valuable and admirable piece of work.
Just as interesting as the painting were the comments on the art.
Some viewers seemed to entirely miss the fact that this was done
by chinese artists
, which explains the perspectives that determined
the selection of personalities for the work.


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what about adding the dalai lama?


Great picture. Would like to see Martin Luther (the reformer) included as he and his writings had such a tremendous impact on Western civilization.

Tom H.
Cary, N.C.

This painting is an amazing accomplishment, but you asked for suggestions so here are mine:

Mike Tyson, but no Muhammed Ali??

Ghandi, but no Martin Luther King?

"W", but no Barack Obama????? Seriously.

Babe Ruth? Cal Ripken? Tiger Woods? Jack Nicklaus?

-Bill S.

Too bad Jesus Christ isn't there, or Pope John Paul, or Martin Luther.


Hi, I love this painting but for me there is lacking a very important person from it. John Lennon.

Thank you

Heather O.

A suggestion for your painting is Nikola Tesla, the scientist who gave us A/C electricity—the very thing that is running these computers and most of the world! ;>)

Gina J.

I was surprised that Jesus Christ and Billy Graham are not included.

Donald B.

Subject: Disappointed

Everyone that is anyone is in the picture except for one……..Jesus Christ. Why would anyone leave out someone that has impacted so many lives?

Kenneth R.

Wow! I just found the fabulous painting. If I may make a suggestion, I think you need to include David Bowie, an Englishman and cultural icon whose pop and rock musical influence has had a world-wide impact. His influence also extends to and has permeated fashion and style universally.

Thank you for allowing me to submit another icon for your incredible painting.


Phyllis A


If I may add just one suggestion to the list of people noted as significant individuals of our world....

..where is Jesus Christ????

Thank you,

Painting is well done, but the most important person of all is missing: Jesus Christ.
Jan W

Suggestions for additions to the painting:

1. Jesus Christ
2. George Washington
3. Thomas Paine
4. Thomas Jefferson
5. Genghis Kahn
6. Charles Lindburgh
7. Pope John XXIII
8. Paul the Apostle
9. Saint Augustine

-Howard Ball

I loved your Painting of historical people , but where was Jesus???


Thank you so much for making this available. If you have any contact with the artists please pass on my thanks for creating something so wonderful.
Prince Charles, but no Princess Di? Great work by the way, thoroughly enjoyed it!

Dee from Asheboro, NC

What about JESUS?


Your political leanings couldn't be better defined.
Could you find a less becoming picture of George W Bush.
You didn't present that for anyone else?
Why is there not a picture of KATHERINE Hepburn, Audrey's aunt, and an actress with an absolutely unrivalled record in the American film industry, including "African Queen," "On Walden Pond," and "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?"

A true Kate Hepburn Fan,
Sonya R


I love the LOL cat……….you did him proud

Martin H.

I think it is really lame leaving Jesus the Christ, the single most influential person ever off of something like the "remarkable painting"

Hitler, Michael Jordan etc are there but not Jesus?

That's just wrong.

Guess I'll be deleting the picture off of my computer.

Bravo, but Mr. Nelson Mandela ?


Hi Matt,

I was looking for the Beatles, Bob Dylan, or Paul Simon. If you ever go non-human, how about Secretariat. Hmmm. I guess you can tell I'm not a kid.


The painting is great, except it is missing the most important person , Jesus Christ


What a powerful and beautiful picture!
Thank you!

Just wish that the three Chinese artists
would include His Holiness The Dalai Lam,
Pope Jean Paul 2, Ronald Regan. Then it's
a acomplete picture.

But if the three atrists are currently living
in China then I understand why.


I think you missed a great Turkish military leader Ataturk. His accomplishments are immense.

Oner O.

Strange but I would have expected a picture of Jesus included.

David M

Can you please add Obama?

p.s. If you add John McCain and his average Joe, can you add me as Obama's average Tonya?

Seems like history teachers should all have a large poster size in their classrooms!!! Make that a MURAL-sized copy. I wonder what it would cost to make one of those big signs? Incredible work. Congratulations.

A friend sent me the website. I am into publishing materials for foreign language teachers, so I don’t really know much about the history teacher market. But this is incredible.

Pam K.

Loved your picture and my suggestions are; Jesus Christ
Michael Jackson
Bing Crosby
Bob Hope
Pope John
You are a terrific artist and I hope you have a lot of success!!!

Very strange he left out Jesus, but included other religious leaders.

David R.

May I suggest George Washington, Father of the USA to be included in your painting. Glenn S The painting was wonderful but I was greatly disappointed to see you left out the most famous influential being of all "Jesus Christ". Not surprising as He was also the most humble and loving of all. He served all of mankind not just a few.

Best regards,

Why is Jesus not in the picture?
where's OBAMA??

Love this picture; it's well done and depicts every facet of humanity. Question though: Does anyone else think Mike Tyson looks like the devil =)

My friend/mentor sent me your awesome painting this morning. Below, you will see her e-mail and the question she has asked. I was wondering if you could explain why you chose these particular oddities, I mean personalities!

I would appreciate it........

Janet in Memphis

Great piece of work! Found myself unable to get away from moving my cursor around.

Barry D

The painting is fantastic, but wasn't Jesus an influential person? didn't see him in the pic. Is there a better word than "Fantastic?"
I may have missed it but I think Mohammed Alli should be in this painting!
rather than Tyson!!!
This is a truly AMAZING thing you've done! WOW! One significant person I didn't find was Princess Diana, but maybe she's there and I missed her.

Linda G
Atlanta, GA
You should number them in the list as going up and down to realize who is who, one gets lost on its way !

Excellent painting to be saved and try to identify the rest of the people !


Really cool famous people painting. I would add the Beatles, MLK, Jr., Ronald Reagan, Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, and OJ Simpson.
What is in Bill Clinton's hand?

Lorri S.

Dear Matt,

You left out one of the most important people this world has ever seen.
I understand why, but I hope you will learn from what I have to say. Maurice
Hilleman, my younger brother, died 11 April 2005. He was considered to be
the single most influential public health figure of the 20th Century if you think about the millions of lives saved and the countless people who were spared suffering because of his work. Over the course of his career Maurice and his
colleagues both at Squibb and later at the Walter Reed Army Medical Research Institute and finally at Merck Pharmaceutical for 45 years developed vaccines against measles, mumps, rubella, pneumonia, menin-
gitis, and chickenpox, and the first vaccine against the cancer-causing virus,
hepatitus B. In addition to his vaccine work, Maurice made many pioneering
discoveries in basic virology and immunlogy. He was not someone disposed
to taking personal credit for his achievements, but always to give credit to his
team members. His achiements would have made him eligible for the Nobel
Prize except that these achiements were realized while he was employed by
a 'For Profit' corporation and so he was only eligible for the Lasker Award,
which is the equivalent, and which he received. Of the fourteen vaccines currently used in the United States, Maurice Hilleman developed eight.

Well, what do you think? My name is Norman H. I am
92 years old. I just underwent Kyphoplasty surgery on my back, so am not feeling too spunky.


hitler doesnt deserve to be next to beethoven

I do not think the painting can be complete without George Washington and Alexander Hamilton. Without these two founding fathers, the United States Republic would not have survived its creation.


I have just started to look at this curious painting and note some of the following based on the fact that these obviously were mainland Chinese painters from the post communist era:

1. Some famous omissions - Marco Polo, the Dali Lama, Nelson Mandela to name a few, particularly when everyone seems to think that is GW Bush mixed in with those other famous and infamous pictures and with a telescope. I am hoping someone comes up with a better candidate for that character.

2. The Chinese put symbolism in all their paintings and the biggest I see after a short review is the map of China at the center of the red table cloth (map of the world?) with Mongolia, SE Asia in lighter 'stained' colors and even Malaysia and part of Indonesia is shown. Remember the Chinese thought for 5,000 years that China was the center of the universe and it continues here. Even a shadow of N. America is below the books, etc by Lincoln and the American Bald Eagle flying above all. What great symbolism. Of course the Tibetan prayer wheel pointing toward Tibet is probably as much political license as they dared to take in showing any independence for Tibet during the time they painted the painting.

3. I think that is a personage as the 'Easter Island' statue under Tolstoy arm and what is that Clinton is holding? a cup of snakes, very bad symbol in Chinese.

4. I have seen that photo of what many are identifying as Jonas Salk but I think it is a doctor from Asia or Africa but just cannot put a name to the face.

Anyway, thanx for your efforts. Someday the artists may be allowed to release a book on all the symbolism in this incredible painting.

Aloha always,
John F
A friend was kind enough to share "The Famous People Painting" email, and it is truly an amazing work of art.
I also appreciated the exceptional work that went into identifying the various faces on the painting.
Is there a site that explains the history and selection criteria that made 'Famous People' a reality?
My specific point of interest is, why was Confucius, Gandhi and Peter the Apostle selected and Jesus excluded?
Thank you for making the painting even more enjoyable.

Bob B

I didn’t see the most famous person of all, Jesus.

Patrick D.

i believe that the part of the picture with the 72 virgins from Islam actually refers to the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt (from the book of Genesis).
there is water all around and it appears close to the pyramids.
don't you agree?
Would it be possible if someone made a (somewhat) complete list of the persons shown? I would appreciate it highly, for I recognize most of the people within this amazing painting.

Best Regards
Patrick S

Please visit

great job at painting all of those people and making them look life like. my only comments are that some important figures are missing. Where are Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr? Good Job!!
Marin, age 12
Good stuff, but I'm confused why certain individual were included
and others left out. Four unworthy examples ( I'm sure there are more ):
Yasser Arafat ( thug ), Mike Tyson ( thug ), Vladimir Putin ( thug ),
and Saddam Hussein ( thug ). Why sully the portrait with these clowns?

Two of the most respected and widely know individuals ever were Jesus
Christ and Mohammad. They shaped history as much or more than anyone
There were other great inventors, artists, biblical figures, etc, but why was
Peter the Great of Russia not included?

I just published the enclosed attachment.

Happy Trails!

Larry Henry
Louisville, Tennessee

Just thought someone should mention that out of all the historical figures in that picture, no one thought to put Jesus Christ???? The most historical figure of all time??? Yet there's Osama Bin Laden and Hitler, go figure...


i hope it is to be nicola tessla, who you left out...
or maybe watson and crick.......

the three who really changed the world.....

glad to see all the important artists included..........michelangelo looks twice his original, petite, size.......
great work, thanks.

barb........retired art teacher
Hey... I saw your cool painting online.

I think you should add:

Bob Dylan
The Beatles
Winston Churchill
Barack Obama
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Mother Theresa



I don't think you could have done a better job of exposing your uncontainable racism. You so obviously failed to recognize any of the significant African Americans and the many contributions. Are you still stuck on "entertainers and athletes"?

This is truly sad but, thanks for letting us know that your mind set still exists and apparently is alive and well.
Dennis A.

where is Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., and Malcom X, Spike Lee, Billy Holiday, Barak Obama, Richard Pryor etc.

Dara B.

Great Painting. One person I would loved to see included would have been Mr Jack Daniel, who owed The Oldest Distillery(started in 1866) in The USA. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey is sold around the world in over 131 countries. Many Jack Daniel Collectors around the world. Many World Leaders know Jack Daniel's & his photogragh is well known.


I protest!!!! The only black people in this picture happen to be sports figures…Mike Tyson, Michael Jordon, Pele and not the best character influences at that…Mike Tyson???? And then there’s the sole lonely legitimate image of Kofi Annan, the Ambassador to the UN. Couldn’t you have included Nelson Mandela???? Granted today’s black influences are mostly in sports and entertainment…except for a few, and of course the 44th President of the United States who was also excluded. And I’ll give you a break on him since his election is somewhat of a recent event and I don’t know when this picture was first circulated, but if you talk true national heroes, people that truly made a difference, there are some truly great and influential ones from the past:

- Harriet Tubman
- Frederick Douglass
- W. E. B. Dubois
- Malcolm X
- Martin Luther King
- George Washington Carver
- Dr. Charles Drew
- Langston Hughes
- Alex Baldwin

And many... many others ….these people were serious contributors. They were the civil rights activist, inventors, scholars and literary artist that contributed to what’s happening in the world today…Dr. Charles Drew was the inventor of the system to preserve blood…started the first blood bank…George Washington Carver was another scientist that worked in the field of agriculture that came up with different uses for peanuts and sweet potatoes shaped and broaden the agricultural harvest in the South. These people and many more noteworthy are in Wikipedia…why only Mike Tyson and Michael Jordon…this is really sad.

It would have been less insulting if the ones you chose to include were left out… leaving no blacks, because the ones you selected to include are non-important and extremely trivial compared to the real significant folk. Shirley Temple and not Harriett Tubman or Sojourner Truth! Come on….yeah…this is insulting…It just goes to show you why blacks are not taken seriously….we’re just here to entertain…and why people like that lady in Michigan felt she could get away with crying that she and her toddler daughter were “abduction by black men”…had a nationwide search looking for her and her so called captors! When the simple fact was she lied…she just wanted to take a break from her husband and rest of her kids and go to Disney World. This is so sad… but common practice by some as white women. They have done for centuries in this country. There were and still are hundreds of black men imprisoned or even worst, hung…because a white lady claimed she was rape or attacked by an imaginary black man!

Please do the right thing…do some research! I hope to get a response.

Janis W.

I appreciate your effort.......its overwhelming. I did however notice that it was made up of athletes, entertainers, liberal politicians (excluding G Bush and W Churchill), and dictators. But NO American founding fathers...Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Hamilton.
Lots of Chinese, and several Russians...what gives?
Is this a mural of EVIL, or OUTLANDISH philosophies?

Tom S
the only one who truly changed the world.
Jesus Christ the Son of God

In His Service
Bob W

I believe it is possibly missing quite a few people, the most significant being Jesus Christ

Michelle B
What about Princess Diana and Pope John Paul II? They should surely count as two of the most notable people, as well as Ronald Reagen, John F. Kennedy, John Kennedy Jr., Jackie Kennedy, Aristotle Onassis, and King Hussein of Jordan.

Wonderful painting, wonderful teaching tool. You are to be commended for such a labor whether for Love or money. Truly a wonderful gift to all.

Thank you,

Peggy P
Canton GA

That painting is insane and amazing
It should be used in every classroom!!!
I know Jews only make up 2% of the population but I was wondering if there are any jews in your painting besides Einstein and Steven Spielberg?
Alyse A
Outstanding! thank you for doing this. Great job!
Now for the reality check. You won't be posting this email on your website.

I'm a commercial illustrator.

What you're good at is oil painting technique, in terms of lighting, shading and color composition.

That's it.

Where you fail miserably is at proportions, perspective and general accuracy.

Because you happen to be good at lighting, shading and color, you have completely overlooked the fact that you can't actually draw anything accurately.

You are unable to paint one single face accurately. Every single face in your entire painting is distorted and messed up. You think that you can actually eyeball all these faces, but you can't. You don't possess the natural talent required to do this properly.

All you have is oil painting technique, period.

If you really want to become a great painter, then you have no choice but to trace or project every single one of those faces in order to represent these people accurately.

On another note, there is no email address that reads, "mattsubmit @". I guess computers aren't your thing either. It has to be

-Tony B.

To respond to Tony please email mattsubmit @ (The spacing is to prevent spam robots from havesting my email address.)

Very nice, but could you think of ony two women that you could include??? Please try harder. How about Golda Meir, Indira Ghandi, Hillary Clinton, Catherine of Russia, Queen Elizabeth, etc etc and any number of famous actresses and singers --how about Beverly Sills? or Elizabeth Taylor or current actresses. How about Sotomayor or Justice Ginzburg or Betsy Ross?? Marie Curie? I think you can find enough women to give a more balanced portrait. Margaret Thatcher and Audrey Hepburn as the only ones??? Come on! Your sexism is showing.

Hope to see better representation, Saureet H.
Care for a little sexism with your art? Of 104 people that the artist(s) deemed to be worthy, the group only includes 5 females! Since art is a form of expression, what is the artist expressing? Was this painting commissioned for the "Luddite - Neanderthal Regression Society"? If the painting had artistic value, it might be a redeeming factor. But this is just a meaningless hodgepodge of faces that supplants logic and virtue with a "Where's Waldo" notion of the artists' limited understanding of historical and contemporary contributions to society. It deserves a score that is somewhere between pedantic and oblivious.
-- Brad
(let's see if you print this!)

Thanks for your comment. Go visit again, you'll find there are actually 10 women (including Marie Curie). Here's a deal (For anyone interested) If you make a list of influential woman that should be included I'll add their names and brief bios. Just saying the painting is sexist doesn't really add much and I think people would welcome additional education in the area. Email mattsubmit @


Very intereting, but oOn behalf of myself, my sister, my daughters and granddaughters, it struck me that so few women are represented and then most of them only a head or draped in shadow.

A little girl is the most prominent.

Despite millennia of repression and against great odds, so many of us have risen to be great leaders, explorers, scientists, thinkers, writers. Maybe I missed them, but where are Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, Boudica, Indira Gandhi, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Golda Meir, Catherine the Great, Pearl Buck, Sappho,Rosa Parks, Frida Kahlo, Jane Austen?... I could go on but you get the picture.

Through history, we women have been hidden in the background but still managed to change the world, work, play, invent. It is truly a shame to see, at least when I look at that painting, that we and our place in history are still just an afterthought for some people.

Nice work, though.
Your painting is brilliant, but yikes, where are the women? I only saw Shirley Temple, Audrey Hepburn, Queen Elizabeth, Margaret Thatcher and Marilyn Monroe. Thassit? Three of them actresses? Ya gotta be kidding.

What about Joan of Arc, Sagajawea, Florence Nightingale, Madame Curie, Indira Gandhi, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Sojourner Truth, Condoleeza Rice, Marie Antoinette? Etc.

Cheers, Candace Hale

What a pity that in today's world, the only Black figures which are posted are those of sports figures. If this were 1920's, I could understand that. But, there are just so many well educated, well known Blacks in the world and that side of the painting was totally overlooked. And, you even used movie stars, but you could not think of one Black actor who is well known?

Pity, indeed.


Just wondered why Marie Curie was the only one serving food. If it had to be a female (in order to represent the point of view of the artists) at least it could have been Audrey Hepburn, since she played in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Just a thought. What a gathering – good job. Peggy in Prescott Valley
Did I miss something? When I clicked on who I thought was Mosses it came up with Charles Darwin. I must be wrong??? cause when I read through some of the emails, no one else mentioned it.


Great Painint.

Everyone is suggesting that Jesus be included in this painting. If indeed it was painted by Chinese Artists, why would they include him? They do not believe in Jesus the way the Christian world does.

Marsha D
I'm going to have to agree with many others who have commented... "Where is Jesus!?"
This is an amazing project. What a gold mine of information!

Can I presume a few suggestions regarding the identities of two of the notables in this painting?

The first is the guy with the horn straight below Bruce Lee. You have him ID'd as either "John Philip Sousa or Alfred Nobel". My guess would be Al Hirt, whom the guy closely resembles. See his Wiki article here.

The second concerns the guy standing above a kneeling Hideki Tojo on the far right. You have him ID'd as Qin Shi Huang. That's probably spot on as far as appearances go, but having Tojo kneeling that way before a Chinese Emperor seems out of character for the latter. More likely he would kneel before a Japanese Emperor.

The problem here is that Tojo's own emperor, Hirohito, was a runt; whereas the object of Tojo's devotion in this painting is a pretty imposing figure. Maybe an earlier Japanese Emperor would be a fair match?

The first Japanese Emperor according to the Wiki "family tree" was Jimmu. Like Qin Shi Huang, though, the only images will be paintings and drawings. Cherry-picking one that looks like the guy in this painting would be kind of arbitrary, I admit. Here's one that fits the bill, for example. I found it doing a Google image search. Here's another.

Anyway, those are my guesses. Keep up the good work!

Ron N
I do have a few comments about the painting:

1. Why didn't the Chinese artists make a list & map of who they painted?
2. The painting is very similar to the Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club album cover.
3. If that is Mark Twain, it sure doesn't look enough like him.
4. Mother Teresa's face is too dark.
5. If that is Darwin, his tunic is all wrong. I think it's Moses???
6. What is with the "Gender" problem of Curie or Machiavelli?
7. Where are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Muhammad Ali & Babe Ruth?
Your picture is absolutely wonderful! Thank you for painting it. But I couldn't find Jesus who has been the most influential man in history. Did I miss Him?

Carole S
Jesus Christ is known the world over. Why was He not included in the painting. I realize no one knows what He looked like, but I think most would recognize a likeness of Him. Your picture is great but I think Princess Diana should be in it as well. I saw Charles but not her. I don't have the numbers telling me who's who. Keep up the good work.

Marilyn K
Not sure if you were the artist of this painting, but when I saw it the first thingS that struck me were:

A) Not a single black women was represented, and...
B) All the black men represented were atheletes.

Truly a monumental work of world importance! With one serious flaw that becomes almost an insult to my measure of the important symbol of boxing. "Iron Mike" was a character, impossibly strong, with a short, violent moment of fame but, never reached the stature, nor made an impact on the world like that which Cassius Clay brought to the art of boxing.

In consideration of the artist's choices of world known persons, he obviously feels to symbolize the best in their image with history, Ali, with his "dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee," his cry, "I'm the Greatest," and his long record of bringing life, art and, technique with highlighted colour to the warlike sport of boxing, makes his contribution merit far more importance than many of those the artist illustrated.

Best Regards

Kilbourne K R

Hello! I just finished looking over the picture of Influential People. I love it!! I found your e-address with cursor over Eisenhower - (I don't think so) or Rockefeller - (I don't think so) maybe Walter Cronkite?
The pick of Darwin doesn't fit because of the tunic... More like Moses I believe. I also don't get the Curie or Machiavelli picture...A question of gender?
I also wonder where these missing greats are: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth, Bob Dylan & The Beatles.

Thanks, Ed

"An excellant painting. I wonder how they chose who would be in it? And, most importantly, who wouldn't. I see that they have Peter the Apostle, but leave out the most important person, Jesus Christ."
Why do you have so many evil people in the painting?


Lawrence P
got Elvis in there, but no Beatles, they were the begining of the next pivotal musical era I think the one labeled Mike Tyson is more likely to be Mohammed Ali, the greatest boxer of all time.

Also, I agree with the comment about the figure leading animals. More likely it’s Abraham or Noah as it looks quite biblical.


John Z.

There is no way you can have a painting without Ronald Reagan. Try to be true to history and not promate a left wing liberal agenda. You have Gorbachev. He was a dictator and rithless communist. Please do not even suggest he was the casue behind the fall of communism. It was Reagan. Like him or not he was a VERY important conservative leader that caused the fall of the USSR

John D
I got you portrait collage today and have a couple of comments on identification.

The robed figure at the bottom center is listed as Darwin. Although the face resembles Darwin, there is no reason for Darwin to be wearing a robe and carrying a staff. I believe that this is supposed to be Moses carrying the staff that God turned into a snake to impress Pharaoh.

Also, the figure at the right center is identified as the Apostle Paul. But he has a key around his neck. This is more likely Peter who was given the Keys to the Kingdom by Jesus.

The man just below him who is identified as St. Peter is holding a spike in his hand. This is probably Paul, who started out persecuting Christians until he became one himself.

The painting was very interesting. This is a good way to learn some history!
This is an AMAZING work. Both the painting and the hard and tedious job of making the links.
I received this picture some time ago with the title " test yourself, how many do you recognize" or something like that.... now I can have the answers and LEARN !

it would be very nice if when the mouse is on top of a face, without clicking, a "hint" would appear with the individual's name, without having to click, wait and go to wikipedia etc.

Thanks !!

Miki D

Where’s Jesus? Isn’t he the most famous of all?

Tiffany T.

OUCH! Yet, I appreciate/applaud your observation, my man! As a female, I apologize to all the under-acknowledged women for not finding the faux pas myself!
And so, I am co-sending this comment on to the email address provided for suggestions/comments to be made to the great "painters", and hope that the representation of women will improve.

While I found idea behind you painting Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante interesting and fun, I was astonished to see only 7 females among about 100 famous people. Is there a reason why your painting so drastically neglects famous females? VERY clever, innovative, excellent rendered artwork. Definitely a "
statement ".

However, from an International art critics review, it lacks the most
important element of an essential composition design........


Every visual presentation, whether graphic , or an oral presentation,
MUST have a FOCAL point. What is the message projecting ?

Other than a whimsical, superbly created
panorama, it is a collection of jig-saw pieces.
IT IS an excellent conversation piece well done.

Louis M.

MISSING THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON OF ALL THOUGH................JESUS. Interesting, but I don't buy the Julius Ceaser notation. I beleive that's Ronald Reagan. If not how in the world could they have missed the most influencial politician of the second half of the 20th century? I could not find the most influential person in all the world, Jesus. Why was he left out?
Your painting is so awe inspiring and very much a part of world history. When I read about Audrey Hepburn, I kept wanting to read more about such an influential woman. Could you possibly include a few more women?

I intend to keep your "treasure" to us.
Thank you
Who are you? I looked through the painting carefully and held my cursor, I believe, over every figure. Interestingly I did not see any real biblical character specifically identified (except for the Apostle Paul and another confused for either "Saint" Peter or Praxiteles).

I saw no human interpretation of Christ Jesus, Moses or Mohammed. Now I know if the artist had a visage of Mohammed, the ire of the Muslims would be raised, so therefore the three men influencing the world the most of all men had to be left out.

As a result, the title: "Famous People Painting" is left very suspect. ;-)

Again, who are you?
Glen R

I find it curious that you did not include some of the most influential religious figures, such as Jesus of Nazareth, Mohammed, Abraham, Moses, and others.
I loved your painting, recogniced almost everybody, very nice, but lacking one of the most important man in Latin American history, "Simon Bolivar", and General Francisco de Miranda. Didn't see any Rasputin either, didn't see Maradona (you have Pele). Where is Golda Mier or Indira Gandhi?, well, I guess you can't put everybody, thanks and Regards Aida Hopkins. what an artwork!

While looking through, a name pops up in my mind: the Daila Lama of Tibetan. Is he in the picture?

I have seen your paintings. It is incredible. It took me half and hour to look at them. But I wish we could see the king of Iran as well.
Thank you
Azar S

I liked your work it was a goog idea,but I sadly noticed that you missed the picture of our Turkey's founder Mustafa kemal Atatürk.We all will be very pleased if you do so.Sincerly.

Sili G

Your picture is fantastic. but I have some people that I would like to see in it: Paul Newman, John Wayne, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy. How about Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, Betty Grable (of the insured legs)

You should include Jesus and Martin others have said.
Also, you should link the gate of heavenly peace!

Nathan K

My suggestion: Jesus

Its a very cool painting - really interesting - but if it really is supposed to be "people of influence" you left a big gap by leaving out Jesus Christ. It is hard to find a person who has had more influence even on those who would deny him. It doesn't matter if you are an atheist, a non-Christian or a current day disciple following "the way". All have been impacted.

and MARADONA!!!!!!

Note: This is a rival soccer player to Pele

It definitely is a great piece of art. Congratulations to the artists.

I may suggest that "Mustafa Kemal ATATURK" -the founder of the Turkish Republic- also deserves to be there. He is a remarkable figure in history by creating a new, independent country with courage, passion and military mastermind.

Best Regards,

N.Can K
Fascinating. Lots of rhetoricians and philosophers; an abundance of political leaders. Suggestions? Athletes: You have many famous and groundbreaking male athletes. How about adding Althea Gibson? Or Serena Williams? In addition, I don't think I saw Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King

I did read some of your comments; lots of suggestions to add Jesus Christ. If you had, you would have been slanting history if you didn't add other gods and goddesses, of which there are many. Someone that I forwarded your painting to said, "Well, Confucius is in there!" Ummm...philosopher! Not a god or a relation thereof!

An amazing amount of work and thought went into this! Kudos!
cw in MN
Please correct me if I am wrong but I am seeing only 5 women in the entire painting:

Audrey Hepburn
Shirley Temple
Margaret Thatcher
Queen Elizabeth II
Marilyn Monroe

A rather small & unusual selection for representation given the broad scope and number of other people included.

Maura J

Subject:Will not forward, have already deleted

When you can picture every evil person in the world and leave out Jesus, you have failed at artistry and life!
Will pray for you.

Bill L

My suggestion for the character you noted as Darwin: how about Noah? Judging by the way he was dressed and the animal next to him.


Also, how do you come up with Liu Bei?

Subject: marie curie?

Is that her or a man behind Lincoln?
Thanks, john
enjoyed it very much thanks:)

This is a wonderful captivating painting and loved each and every aspect of each character. I also read most of the emails you rec'd regarding who they thought was missing. Some of the ideas they had I agree with, however, although Jesus was omitted (in their view) perhaps it is a painters thought, what each person thinks how Jesus looks--to them personally. That would be very difficult to achieve; after all this how the artist sees the world/people.

However, I loved how the artist moved though the history of our world, I also LOL the cat in the Kamel pickit.

LOVE the painting!!!!!!!!!!

Gail from MI

Mike Tyson?

.......and no Muhammad Ali.

I think it was because of his legacy that anyone (other than hard core fans) knew who Tyson was.

Do you know who is World Heavyweight Champ now?

I don't.

Tom M

Great painting !!

Would have liked to see W.C. Fields in it.


I was lost to think they wouldn't have put in Y'shua, Jesus. Then, I thought, "I really don't think Jesus would be discussing the Devine Comedy with Dante anyway." But, if it's just about influential people, they really missed there mark.

Absolutely awesome! Thanx for sharing,


Thoroughly enjoyed your painting although I must say I spent a long time looking for Jesus, Pope Paul, and Princess Di. Are you going to keep adding on?
I hope to see them next time I view it.

What criteria was used to choose the people to put in this picture? I noticed that the only black person who is not an athlete is Kofi Annan. There are so many black people in the US who have done wonderful things for this country and the world, that at least one would have been chosen. You have Elvis, but not Michael Jackson (who outsold his albums); you have Ghandi, but not Martin Luther King, who also changed this world. What about Rosa Parks? I could give you a dozen or more black people who should have been in this picture. This oversight is part of the reason people in the US do not know the contributions to our society and the world that people of color have made.


Well.. I do not see Ronald Reagan but otherwise quite interesting.


I think your painting is brilliant, clever, amazing & very educational for young & old.
I could not believe all the 'picky' comments, most are in very bad taste as far as
I'm concerned. It was your choice to put in whoever you thought important at
the time. Who should care ??? I love your ideas, style, colours, impressions & interperations.
Keep up the good work, you are a very tallented artist.
Best wishes.
Nancy D.

P.S. Maybe paint another called ''Peoples Choice''
I love you site, but can you do me a favor and please change the picture of the camel next to Carol Channing. It looks like a camel that has either been abused or was handicapped and then tortured. It totally changed me from laughing to sad :o(


This is an interesting painting. I think it would be a shame to let others tell you what to put in your painting. This is from YOUR perspective. The absence of certain people or the inclusion of others are significant. It is an interesting peek into a chinese artists perspective of our world. It would be fun to discuss with the
artists how they came to include or exclude any individual.

I would have loved to see Jesus in there too. But this isn't MY painting! The artists peering over the Wall is very interesting. It is a joyful thing to see chinese artists enjoying the freedom of expression through art.

I pray that your freedoms and connection with our western world would would be filled with messages of hope and redemption that many of us have found in a relationship with Jesus.

Thank you for sharing your work. Susan

The picture identified as Charles Darwin....In 50BC clothing?


Dear Sir,

After seeing your picture "Famous People Painting" ,
I just wonder that if "Marilyn Monroe" is found than why "Michael Jackson" is not found in there ?

Freda from HK.
Hi…..great idea and interesting painting

In 1776 there was not a single democracy on earth and none had existed for thousands of years. The idea of civil rights was at the whim of monarchs. I’d suggest some people who came up with the ideas that formed modern democracy….Locke, Hume, Rosseau, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin……

Glenn B. G.

I would suggest adding a radiation halo around Marie Curie's figure:)


It's such an awesome painting, but how could you exclude Christ? Whether or not you're a believer, he's a historical figure and undeniably the most famous in the entire world.....for over 2000 years now!!!


This is great and really interesting…it kept me for a while….How about Michael Jackson; Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey?

Leighton Cadere


I was really impressed for the "People Influence Paiting" that you have put in
your website ( Is it possible to get the source pic file in high resoulution so I would be able to print it?
I wish to hang in my Class that I'm teaching History lesson in.

Thanks a million!
That painting is fantastic.
Many have questioned why not Jesus?
Since there are no actual depictions of this person who may or may not have existed it was a smart move.
Matt--I gather from reading many of the comments on this painting that most people seem to agree that the most important persons left out of the painting are Jesus and Obama. I am amazed at how few women are included. Had you considered Margaret Thatcher or Oprah Winfrey? Of course, behind each successful man is a truly wonderful woman! Susan
Neal Armstorng??????

Quite an accomplishment, I see Albert Einstein but where's the obverse, Albert Schweitzer? ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!

Thank you for sharing your talents and insight. What all of these comments prove is that you can’t ever please everyone.


Emmanuel F

A fantastic work, btw. I'm still trying to get my head around all of the notables.



Nice "painting". Too bad there aren't more women represented.

The person who is named Charles Darwin has been misnamed as that is not Darwin.
Continue to leave Jesus and Mohammed and the rest of the religious types such as "the messiah aka Obama" OFF. Would like to see General Patton added. Werner Von Braun too. King Abdul Aziz is an important world changing figure. John Wilkes Booth also. Robert E. Lee kept the country from a guerilla war. Ponzi and Michael Millken are historic. Cassius Clay and Rosa Parks, no too. Clay was a draft dodger and Parks a civil rights worker who took part in a well planned plot.

Many others in world history are important and you hit many of them.

Skip T

It is indeed a fantastic piece of work.
I read many comments and I too am disappointment at the choice of African Americans. Why only sport figures and Mike tyson at that! So many other persons are those who have had a real impact on the world or their society, many intellectually so. But Michael Jordan and Mike tyson? Please take us more seriously than that. Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, George Washington Carver, Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglas to name a few. If the wish was for sport figures there was Jackie Robinson or Arthur Ashe or Muhammad Ali all whom contributed far more than Mike Tyson!


Apparently in China he sported a mustache - rarely seen in pictures with glasses but the arm band in the painting (and the drawing below) I think would definitely say it's Norman Bethune (along with the antique stethoscope)
Just my 2 cents - Lori

Seeing that you spared some place in your interesting and witty painting even for Dolly, yet, got no room for ATATURK, the founder of modern republic of Türkiye and about whom Churchill cited: “You’d have a genius like him every 100 years… what a pity for us that the lucky nation to have him was Turkey, not United Kingdom!”; makes me think that you guys are really talented yet quite ignorant; if this is not for your bad intentions. This is quite a “COMEDY”.

Serdar, Sevgi, & Ahmet

The Famous People Painting is marvelous. I have a correction: the fellow who appears to be Moses is labeled Charles Darwin, which I know cannot be correct. I agree with the many comments made about Mike Tyson; a wife beater should not be included. Mohammed Ali would have been a far better choice.

Nancy B

Absolutely incredible website. Why is one figure noted as Charles Darwin or Noah. The most incredible thing about it is that the most incredible human being whoever lived has been left out, that would by Jesus Christ.


We've enjoyed interacting with your painting so much! I did notice something I think might be an error, but maybe not.

The man in the bottom of the right named Charles Darwin, I think should be Moses. Am I right?

Anyway, whoever did this is indeed a genius!



The painting is brilliant, exquisite. A work, I can`t even imagine somebody was able to do. Thank you for that. It`s also a piece of history good for older people as well as for school children. However I`ve a few words to Norman Hilleman about his `Post` re: his brother Maurice Hilleman. "Sorry Norman, I do admit that your brother did a great work for humanity. Though many lives can be saved, millions of innocent animals had to die a horrible, death. So, no "Prize" should be given to those scientists. " Joanna - Australia I love the painting. Why are we emailing you when the 3 Chinese people painted the picture? I would like Jesus and Obama in the picture but is the Eastern influence reflected in the picture?

Karen M
Hope I am not stepping on any toes but, this is really lousy art.
Looks like the peoples faces were pasted on and the entire painting has an airbrush like appearance,ala Elvis and Tigers U-haul roadside sales.
You people should pick up some art books and git edicated.
Michael J
hi this is hiren,,, i recieved a mail from a close friend,,, with the picture of the people of influence... it is JUST AWESOME!! too good of a master piece!!!
i hav a small and tiny suggestion... it would be great if you could add MJ (Michael Jackson) the king of POP.. he nearly ruled the hearts of more than half the world population...... now thats influence aswell... and that too for more than 2 decades.... i am just suggesting.... the choice is yours... moreover why dont you post a poll for it... lets see wat the votes have to say....... but either ways even if u put or u dont put do lemme know.... and if u do agree to wat i suggested plz use this photo for him...that i attached... and if u are going to include him in your image....i'll provide u with the truth behind his life,, his surgery and career and his death...that not evrybody knows

waiting for your reply!!!!


Fascinating to look through all of history but where are Orville and Wilbur Wright and Stephen Hawking. Certainly they made contributions to the modern world. Oh, and Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, and John F. Kennedy and Ho Chi Mihn and Lennin and John Lennon and Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson and Henry Ford...

Marci S


I am very much impressed with your concept and the beauty of the painting. I am from India and I wish to purchase some prints of the painting. Pl let me know if you have Limited Edition Prints and the cost for it.


It's beautiful, but I didn't see Michael Jackson, he has touched millions with his humanitarian services to the world, and raising vibrations with his music. He is Ascended Master Quality with a pure heart and should be included with the Divine.


thank you for your remarkable painting!

i liked that you included several Asian people of note, even though most of us probably won't know them.

also, i'd like to suggest Cleopatra. George Sand. Queen Victoria, Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great.

maybe more musicians, like Bach, Beethoven, Chopin - these were revolutionary figures.


Fru Teston

While the painting is beautiful. I find it interesting that there are people of many colors but not one of Native American. There were many with great courage and distinction to choose from.


on your painting, why not include Ernest Shackleton. Hello,

I really like the painting, but I believe you forgot someone who is very important person to the world. I am talking about Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla). I am Polish and I am proud that this Pope made such a diffrence in the world. I will always look up to Him as a
Great and Saint. Please consider my opinion and I am sure opinion of others as well.

Thank you,
the painting is unbelievably incredible
no one will understand it if i just tell them about it
everyone must see it to believe it.
but there were a few very important and historical people unfortunately not included that kind of surprised me,
like Terry Fox,Dali Lama (i hope he's spelled that way),Rocky,Ronald Reagan,Ceizer,Alexander The Great,John Bonham,John Lennon,Jimi Hendrix,Jim Morrison,you have Hitler,why not Manson,Cleopatra,Jimmy Hoffa,Boris Yeltsin(the man that changed everything to good and bad),Newton,and alot more.
But no matter what i say, this painting will still amaze all who look at it.
Great painting but I can't believe you didn't include Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who made the biggest impact on the world. Hello,

Thank you for the painting, its a wonderful idea.
The only Israeli figure you have put there is Ariel Sharon.
As an Israeli, I don't underestimate what ever Sharon had done in his life, or the great battles he conducted as a military leader.
But, if it has to be only one Israeli, so it has to be David Ben-Gurion, the person who founded the state of Israel.
The one and only Jewish state in the world, that ended a long period of travelling and wondering for so many Jews around the world.
I honestly think that he is the most famous Israeli in the world.
Another figure that has to appear there is Binyamin Ze'ev Hertzel. The man who had started the whole Zionist idea and foresaw the establishment of a Jewish state.
They are both more adequate then Ariel Sharon.
awesome painting.

but where's michael jackson?
and perhaps roger federer?

where are the women?????????????? (so few) If anyone was to sit down and highlight, through art, who they thought were the most influence individuals since the beginning of time we would never have two pictures the same. It comes as no surprise that the artists have drawn on their own influences. That is why China finds substantial representation. If I think of influential people I would include some Irish people given I am Irish. Theobald Wolfe Tone, Bobby Sands, Bob Geldof to name but a few.
I think we all draw from our own thoughts which reflect our culture, political and partisan minds.
I congratulate the artists but would ask why Jesus was excluded. I intend to study more at the picture to see if there is symbolism relating to the great man. Mandela???? Come on lads, these two are certs in any picture.
Padraig Mc Shane
hi there
i know im not the first person to say this but your painting is truly amazing and very influencial
i am wondering how much time did it take you to finish it
and what were the reasons that made you choose these specific people only (for example you did not represent the great queen of egypt Cleopatra..)
but as a graphic designer i believe mixing historic figures with modern ones weakens a bit the image..
but as an overall it's breathtaking as well as the composition which is excellent!


The picture is incredible. The person I missed was President J.F. Kennedy. Also a few others but other people named them. G. Herald Hello,

If I remember correctly, as regards the figure depicted below Winston Churchill holding a cigarette (if you intend this to be Franklin Roosevelt, US President): he always smoked his cigarette in a cigarette holder (extension) and this was part of his public appearance.

It is a state & master of art painting worth trillions, worth preseving for generations-thanks for making life wonderful by contributions of this sort under one keep it up, amazing & awsome.
I would suggest to include in this elite group all time greats like

1.sheikh umar mukhtar of libya- a great revolutionary libyan leader.

2. alama sir syed mohamed iqbal-great urdu poet of asian subcontinent.

3. Zainul aabedeen also called as Budshah - a great islamic scholar who transformed kashmir,india with his deeds for all times to come.

4. Maulana abul aala madoodi- who translated holy muslim book -Quran into urdu alongwith tafseer which benefitted billions of people worldover.
Being a kashmiri i would have been happy to see photopaintings mentioning srinager-kashmir while clicking on the list of paintings
but unfortunately there are no photos there so kindly paste photos there.
I would request my few selected friends(sending copy of mail to them as well ) to add to the list of greats some more names.
Manzoor Thakur

Did you notice that Einstein's shoe is untied? Very cool painting. I don't quite understand why Darwin is dressed like a shepherd and leading a camel. Did you notice Dolly the cloned sheep hanging out by Ghandi? Or Sam Walton's dog?

I wonder how he decided who to include and who to leave out. I could have spent years just trying to choose. I mean, why Mike Tyson instead of Muhammed Ali? Why Salvador Dali and not Georgia O'Keefe? Why painters and no poets? Fun stuff. I wonder what else he's done. Thanks for sharing Pa.


#1 daughter

Where is Jesus?
more notable females??
and are you old enough to remember the Beatles Sgt Pepper Album???history repeating itself.
Australian Homemaker

My suggestion to "Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante":
There is a small plane on the red table. You could insert a link there to the brazilian Santos Dumont (the true story about the first plane). He made the first European public flight of an air plane on October 23, 1906 and is considered the "Father of Aviation" in Brazil.

João O. Lourenço

Although your painting was fascinating and interesting, you have incorrectly labeled Moses as Charles Darwin, and you have neglected to give Jesus Christ – the single most influential person ever to have lived on this earth – a place in your artwork. Disappointing. It is a state & master of art painting , worth preseving for generations & life becomes wonderful by contributions of this sort pl.keep it up, amazing & awsome.
I would suggest to include in this elite group all time greats like

1.sheikh umar mukhtar of libya- a great revolutionary libyan leader.

2. alama sir syed mohamed iqbal-great urdu poet of asian subcontinent.

3. Zainul aabedeen also called as Budshah - a great islamic scholar who transformed kashmir,india with his deeds for all times to come.

4. Maulana abul aala madoodi- who translated holy muslim book -Quran into urdu alongwith tafseer which benefitted billions of people worldover.
Being a kashmiri i would have been happy to see photopaintings mentioning srinager-kashmir while clicking on the list of paintings
but unfortunately there are no photos there so kindly paste photos there.
I would request my few selected friends(sending copy of mail to them as well ) to add to the list of greats some more names.
Manzoor Thakur

Why everybody is screaming for Jesuss Christ. Equally great historical figure of GAUTHAM BUDDHA was not included, the founder of BHUDDISM, the greatest religion on earth.Also of Pundit Nehru, the founderof moderen India,,Ramarao
Where is Moses???? Regarding the Painting of Famous Peoples… You wanted some comments or suggestions… here it is… Dr. Jonas Salt… is not the right name… that painting of a Doctor is that of Dr. Best… check it out…!!! This is a fabulous painting… I had 45 certain names and a few more names that I wasn’t sure at a 100%...

A. D. Léger

What a thought provoking portrait!

I too questioned right away "where is Jesus" but then I realized, perhaps this is a portrait of the actual concept of Jesus, what He is all about! We all have choices, what footprints will we leave upon this life?

Jesus is there, in some faces denied and in others embraced, in some lives denied and in others embraced and in each personality and the choices they made, having made a profound difference in that one to choose good or evil.


Dee C
Nelson Mandela! Hi

I know the world is too big, but personalities like Rene Favaloro, Jose de San Martin, The Beatles, you know, naming someone; must be painted, must be included.

The world would be so, so different without these people!

It's great the painting of all the individuals that make our history but I think that one is missing... I think that Jesus crist is one of the most important person in our history. What do you say about?


Ângelo F
The Doctor at the lower left hand side of the painting, dressed in chinese peasantaclothing and carrying a stethescope around his neck is not Jonas Salk, but Dr. Norman Bethune. - Martin D Dear Sir,
Your "Famous People Painting" is a fine piece of work that is very informative and interesting. However, though it cannot be expected to include every man or woman of importance, I noticed you left out two men who deserve acknowledgment: Anwar Sadat who paved the way for peace between Egypt and Israel after 4 wars, and more importantly the great Nelson Mandela.
Thank you.

Tarek A. E.
I looked at many of the comments; especially those with names to add. About that; so many people left out, but there was only just so much room for the ones you did include. Have you started on another painting? One that will include all those deemed missing and equally important? Some of the people in the painting were identifiable, without sliding my pointer over them; some were not.





Great work !!!!

but where are Socrates, Pythagoras and Alexander the Great ? Also, Constantine the Great, Catherine the Great, Charles De Gaulle. I am waiting for the continuity of your work.

Kind Regards,

Vinia Lyritzi Athens, Greece
you have painted some of the so-called famous people "Bill Clintion, Saddam, Mussolini, and even Osama bin Laden, and that famous camel, W. G. Bush, whose duty was just to live a monkey life not a camel one". However, what about one of the greatest leaders Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Modern Turkish Republic, and what is more, -with a common agreement of the well-known leaders, the only leader who has passed from 20th century to 21st with what he did for his nations. although there should have been more famous people in your painting who had a great impact on all people all around the world and in history, anyway i like your painting. As TO ERR IS HUMAN .

I really enjoyed looking through your great painting. What a fabulous idea! It`s certainly stirred up some thoughts and comments of who should be worthy of being there. Well I`d also like to add a few people who I feel worthy .. it would be wonderful if you could somehow add them, or extend the painting?

Even though I`m not religious, I do think Jesus should have been in the painting, along with

Martin Luther King
Nelson Mandela
Daila Lama
Charles Dickens
Alexander Graham Bell
Queen Victoria
Princess Diana
Michael Jackson
The Beatles
Muhammad Ali (instead of Mike Tyson!)

Marian. Wales
dear sir,
the miracle painting is just awsome. is thia an original painting somewhere ? i just spend the whole night seeing the painting! great job..

You have Bruce Lee but no Reagan or John Wayne? Seriously? Bruce Lee? You don't seem to like Americana.

Ken Weaver
The painting is really amazing however, there are two really important people who were left out! Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. hi in your painting famous people painting why did you not put in Christopher Columbus? Hi there

Are you one of hte creators of the famous picture painting ? I think its a fantastic work of art!!

Just suggestion for missing people?

- Nelson Mandella
- Orson Welles
- Frank Sinatra
- Yao Ming
- Tiger woods

what do you think?

Daniel Li
The Famous People painting is beautiful, unique and very well done. Congratulations on a great work of art.

I have the following observation/correction:

The image depicting St Peter is incorrect.

You have used the likeness of the great Indian Poet and writer Rabindranath Tagore (1861 - 1941). In 1913 Tagore was awarded The Nobel Prize in Literature.


Mike Tyson AND NOT Mohamed Ali (Cassius Clay)
George W Bush AND NOT George Washington or Benjamin Franklin (although not an ex-president)
Kofi Annan AND NOT Nelson Mandela
Many unknown (in the world) chinnese such as Lei Feng, Soong Ching-ling and others AND NOT Mencius
Prince Charles of Wales AND NOT Lady Diana Spencer, better known as Princess Di


Socrates and Pythagoras
The Dalai Lama

I know that there are many more “influential people” you could not include, but I am curious why (or how) you decided to include some and not others.

Thank you

Ben Serpas

PS: I could not open the link to “comments”. Is there something wrong with it? I must not close this email without congratulating you for an amazing work of art!
on your painting someone is very important is missing and it is a big shame that u dont show the founder of TURKISH REPUBLIC MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATURK

I don't know if you got the answer already but yeah one of your guesses was right - it was Norman Bethune in a moustache in that painting. The painting was obviously drawn by a Chinese artist or at least someone formally educated in China, and Bethune did have a moustache while in China, making most people there familiar with that look. In fact if you look closer you'll see the patch on his left sleeve saying "Eighth Route" in Chinese, which is the communist army unit that he volunteered with in late 1930s until his death.

I'm really impressed with your broad knowledge of world history, thanks to your page now I know all the people on that painting.


I love your painting, congratulations

If you included "Mustafa Kemal Atatürk" I would be very happy.

My best Regards.

Sinan Seyhun from Turkey / Istanbul.
Unknown moustache guy: My guess would be that he is a doctor, he looks like Gandhi too, but Gandhi was not a doctor.


you have down great painting,but you know so many ppl & places are missing in those between you could draw some of great people or places from IRAN too instead of most hated ppl like Osama Bin Laden Or Saddam Hussein. I really agree with whole the world Iran has one of worst & curl government on the world,but it wasn't like this before & we change it back. also people and government lots are different.

I'll attach some link from Wikipedia that would be nice of you if you add any of them as your choice.

Thank you in advance.
It's Hitchcock, not FDR; Noah, not Darwin; and judging only from where he's located in the picture I'd say Rockefeller rather than Eisenhower.

I'd also like to say that I really appreciate what you've done; it's a cool painting and the attached wiki links to everyone are really cool. :)

Hi Matt -

My name is Thos Chapman. I'm a graphic artist and incorrigible Stumble-Bum.... Came across your cool tagged painting and thought I'd make a comment or two. One is, on the right, there's either Eisenhower or Rockefeeler as possibilities. I don't think it's either. he guy is wearing a leather jacket and drinking tea (or coffee) so that might be a great hint. I have no idea who it'd be otherwise. My other comment is about your Don Corleone - The Godfather tag. I believe that's actually Marlon Brando...

Thanks very much for the great Thing...

i dont think i saw mussillini and ho chi manh and maybe some pancho villa and zappata, cortez, and an Aztec temple Bonjour,

Vous demandez de vous écrire pour des suggestions : si vous pouviez inclure une traduction à cette page, ce serait merveilleux. Please, can we translate this page? It vould be really interesting... to read all the text... MERCI!

Marie-Paule Cloutier
I really like the painting but I am disappointed that Nikola Tesla is not in the list. The three painters wanted to show a world history all in one painting, well, what happen to Nikola Tesla? If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be enjoying life like we are.

I think they should do another painting and squeeze in a few more important inventors in there.